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Dentistry Marketing Articles

Dental Marketing and Business – Related

» Grateful Appreciation To Your Kind Voice

» achieving-goal-congruency

» What’s In A Name? 10 Questions to ask when naming your dental practice

» Dental Hygienists play a key role in delivering Third Era patient care
RDH Magainze, May, 2013

» Make A Difference (Interview of Daniel Bobrow by Dental Products Reports’ Renee Knight)

» Hitting Home: Use What You Have, And What’s Available, To Make A Bigger Impact With Your Marketing

» The AADPA Communicator on Dentistry’s “Clean” Little Secrets
Blueprints For Success

» What’s The Difference Anyway?
Effective Practice Differentiation leads to significant and sustainable practice growth

» Marketing Insider: On the importance of fixing it even if it ain’t broke

» Dentistry’s “Clean” Little Secrets
Dental cause marketing helps practices do well by doing good

» Mark Hartley Interviews Danny Bobrow on AAOSH’s June ’11 Session
Inaugural Scientific Session June 24-25 2011

» Principles of Direct Mail, I
New Variations On An Old Theme Keeps ROI High For This Time-Tested Tactic

» Principles of Direct Mail, Issue II
A laser beam beats a shotgun every time!

» Principles of Direct Mail, Issue III
Keeping Track Is Key!

» The nuts and bolts of a winning dental practice brand
Dental Economics, March, 2011

» Revv Your Marketing!
Delivered to American Association of Dental Office Managers

» Are You Ready For The Next Wave In Dentistry?
‘Be Well Dentistry’ is here!

» Communicating with dental patients of record, Part I
Use your website to connect with your dental patients

» Communicating with dental patients of record, Part II
Use social media to connect with your dental patients

» Communicating with dental patients of record, Part III
Encourage your dental patients to post to your social media and review sites

» Create A BUZZ About Your Practice With Social Media
Hosted by Dr. Lorne Lavine,

» Success with web-based marketing, Part I
Take AIM with your website!

» Success with web-based marketing, Part II
Take AIM with your website!

» Success with web-based marketing, Part III
Take AIM with your website

» Interview by Pennwell’s Managing Editor Kevin Henry at the Chicago Dental Society’s
Midwinter Meeting

Dentistry Marketing Trends

» Increase Your Net by Casting A Broader One!
Adopting a ‘multidisciplinary approach’ to marketing helps your practice grow (and just might help improve the quality of healthcare
in the U.S.)!

» Emergent Opportunity
Make a lasting impression with emergency patients

» Smile Tree Concept Explained at 2010 Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting

» Daniel Bobrow Interviewed about Dental Marketing Trends

» Daniel Bobrow Interviewed about Climb For A Cause and Smile Tree

» The E-Volution Will Not Be Televised
use online opportunities to grow your practice and manage your reputation

» Should You Be Facebook Friends With Your Patients?
contributor to Amanda LaBonar’s article

» Do You Google Yourself?
contributor to Noah Levine’s article

» When Patients Think They Know More Than You
does access to more information make for better patients and care?

» Dental Products Report Marketing Insider: Let Your Humanity Show
suggestions for enhancing case acceptance

» DPRWorld 5-09
Being Charitable In A Down Economy, by Amanda Labonar

» Dental Economics July 2009
Climb For A Cause Coverage by John Pohl

»Dental Economics June 2009
Cause-Related Marketing by Joe Blaes

» Blatchford Seminars 5-30-09 Webinar
Being a Master Telephone Communicator

» Dental Products Report Marketing Insider: Increase Your ROI
Use Tracking Tools to improve your marketing ROI.

» Dental Products ReportMarketing Insider: Making A Difference
Use Cause-Related Event Marketing to get up close and personal with your community.

» MyDentalChannel Teleseminar: Web-based Marketing
(allow five minutes to load)

» Strategies For Success: Secrets To Creating Positive P.R.

» 7 Steps to Success With Direct Mail

» Academy of Dental Managment Consultants A Step Above: 3 keys to success with web-based marketing

» Chicago Dental Society CDS Review: Do Something Unique Each Year

» Chicago Dental Society CDS Review:

» What No One Taught You In Dental School

» Dental Economics: Brand New Brand

» Dental Practice Report: Of Tire Kickers & Trigger Pullers

» RDH Interview by Anastasia Turchetta: Climb For A Cause Primer

» Making The Case For Treatment Acceptance

» Dental Success: Take The High Road in Marketing Your Practice

» Office Magic Tips

» Dental Practice Report: Giving Back

» Dental Practice Report: Spreadin’ The News

» Modern Hygienist: Reach!

» Dental Economics: When Marketing Fails To Open Doors

Climbing and Adventure – Related

» Marathon Des Sables Article in Chicago Tribune

» Michigan Coast To Coast Adventure Race